The producer who interviewed me for DATELINE about Sergei Tretyakov told me today that I will NOT be on the program Sunday when it airs. The show is about the ten Russian illegals who were shipped back to Moscow and since I told DATELINE that Sergei Tretyakov was not responsible for tipping off the FBI about the case (read this post), I am ending up on the cutting room floor.

I guess I should have fudged.

Meanwhile if you want to read more about Sergei and his career check out these stories:

The New York Times

The Washington Post

There is also more information in my book, Comrade J. The piece of literature in which Sergei and I became friends as well as collaborators.

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  1. LOL – a lot of coincidences in this entire spy thing. If I didn't trust my government so much, I might think there was something funny going on.