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Pete Earley is the bestselling author of such books as The Hot House and Crazy. When he is not spending time with his family, he tours the globe advocating for mental health reform.

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  1. mediasmart says

    Dear Mr. Earley,
    I am a reporter with the AP and I think that you have been unfair to our news service. You have written that the AP erred when our reporter credited WTOP for breaking the news about the death of Sergei Tretyakov. You pointed out that you announced his death at 5 a.m. which was hours before the WTOP report.
    Why are you blaming the AP? It is WTOP and its reporter who you should criticize. Why didn't WTOP mention your blog in its story? All we did was pick up the WTOP story. Your complaint should be with the WTOP reporter for not citing your blog, not us.

  2. Hippolito says

    Mr. Earley — I am puzzled by your certainty regarding actual events.

    You yourself stated that it was logical Tretyakov would be the source for the FBI's discovery of this sleeper cell yet later state that he was not, based upon several sources within the intelligence community. These same sources explain the US government refuses to acknowledge Tretyakov was a spy?

    As usual in the world of counterintelligence, the only thing facts you can speak to authoritatively are the potential motivations behind the entities involved:

    KGB/SVR has good reasons to enhance the perceived value of the sleeper cell. They have good reasons to want to maintain the suspicion that Tretyakov might have met his end through some kind of KGB/SVR retribution. The FBI has good reason to enhance the perceived value of the sleeper cell. The FBI has good reason to diminish the perception they couldn't or didn't protect Tretyakov from retribution. KGB/SVR (and FBI/CIA) would like us to simultaneously believe we've caught everyone and maintain a lingering fear that we have not. The alternative stories of Yuschenko's return serve both sides.

    This is not to diminish the reporting in your fine books. I just think perhaps your personal relationship with Tretyakov in this instance has affected your objectivity towards the house-of-mirrors industry.

  3. I read in an earlier article that said (that you said) that over 200 mourners paid their respects to Mr. Tretyakov at his funeral (or words to that effect). What church (OCA, ROCOR, GOA, other?) and where was the funeral held in? Were Sergei and Helen regular parishioners? If so many people attended, how could the “secret” be kept for so long? Or was he going by an assumed name?

  4. StewartIII says

    ChickaBOOMer: The Perfect Spy

  5. if Yuchenko would note 2 russian spies and then go back to russia, he would be sentenced to death. and he knew it, so…
    James Angleton was not named James Jesus Angleton but James Angleton as any other person
    what do you mean by “Given the history of conspiracy theories”?