2021 Speaker’s Schedule After COVID

May 4th, Heber City, Utah, Wasatch. Behavior Health  (Video presentation.)

May 19th, Daytona Beach, Florida, Who Is Jay? Symposium.

May 19th, NAMI State Convention, Vermont. (Video presentation.)

Oct. 5th, West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Nov. 9, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio

Nov. 11, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, OH 44272 Morgan Impact Awards given by the Pegs Foundation.

Jan. 11,  Saint Louis, Mo. Logos School, video presentation with Q and A.

News update: Recently Pete had a professionally filmed 25 speech made for video presentations. In it, he describes his journey with his son, Kevin, from despair to recovery. Contact Pete Earley at [email protected] for one-time showings at an affordable price.  Watch here for video trailer which is coming soon. 

Since the release of CRAZY: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness in 2006, Pete has been a much sought after inspirational speaker.

In 2018, he reached a milestone, having spoken in every state except Hawaii and in five foreign capitals. He has testified or appeared before the U.S. Congress five times to tell his story and advocate for changes in our mental health care system.Author Pete Earley

As a life-long member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Pete has spoken at NAMI’s national convention and at many of its individual state conventions. He has been a featured speaker at conventions held by Mental Health America, the American Psychiatric Association, The National Council for Behavioral Health, The American Correctional Association, and CIT International. He has spoken at fund raising dinners for numerous community mental health providers, to state hospital organizations, housing authorities, state bar associations, and has delivered Grand Rounds in teaching hospitals. More than a dozen colleges have heard him lecture.

While Pete can speak about any of his books, his primary focus has been a speech called CRAZY, after his bestselling book. Using his family’s story and the research that he conducted inside the Miami-Dade County jail, Pete explains why jails and prisons should not be used as asylums and why programs such as CIT, Mental Health Courts, Jail Diversion and Re-Entry programs can save tax-dollars and lives.

Here’s Pete’s 45 minute speech about our CRAZY mental health system:

In February 2016, Pete announced that he was introducing another speech entitled Hard Lessons I’ve Learned.  Pete talks about the lessons he has learned as a parent and his ultimate partnership with his son, Kevin, who today works as a peer-to-peer specialist after a rocky journey that included being hospitalized five times, being arrested and being shot twice with a Taser by police.

If you wish to inquire about Pete’s availability and speaking fee, contact Pete at [email protected]

Pete’s passion can be witnessed in this 60 second clip from the opening of the National Council on Behavioral Health convention in Washington D.C.

Pete’s son, Kevin, also has joined him as a speaker, describing what “it feels like” to have a serious mental illness. Kevin recently recounted his rocky road to recovery – how he broke into a stranger’s house to take a bubble bath, was hospitalized five times, arrested and shot twice by police with a taser – before his  “light bulb” moment when he accepted that he was sick and needed help. .

Video by D. J. Jaffe.

Kevin is available for limited speaking engagements. In his presentations, he talks about what caused him to finally accept his illness, how he took charge of his recovery and his work as a peer-to-peer counselor.