Putin says “Traitors always end badly” But “illegals” can end up in Playboy

“Traitors always end badly. They finish up as drunks, addicts, on the street…”
This is what Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said recently during a visit in the Ukraine. He also told reporters that he had met earlier in Moscow with the ten Russian “illegals” who had been expelled from the U.S. for being agents of the Russian government.
While Putin said the illegals would “have interesting, bright lives,” he explained that traitors never are happy after they betrayed their homelands.

We Need To Talk To Each Other If We Want Reform

Those of us who are working to reform our fractured mental health system need to begin talking to each other. 
During my travels, I’ve visited many communities where there is little or no communication. The police don’t talk to local providers who take care of persons with mental disorders and substance abuse issues. These providers don’t talk to parents. And no one talks to the persons who are actually sick. 
Okay, I’m being a bit facetious — but my point is spot on.
Rather than cooperating, each faction does what it always has done and ignores how tax dollars could be saved and how people could be better treated through community collaboration.

Playing Pete Earley and a Supreme Court Justice

A funny thing happened recently  when a man approached me after I gave a speech and said: “Hi, I’m Pete Earley.”  

A radio interview with Helen Tretyakov

Because there has been much speculation about Sergei Tretyakov’s death, I am posting this link to an interview with his wife, Helen.  Click here.

Sergei Tretyakov, Nathan Hale, and Benedict Arnold? Is there a difference between our traitors and their’s?

The CIA turncoat, Aldrich Ames told me that one country’s traitor is another country’s hero.
But is that true?
Ames said it was true because the end result was betrayal — the breaking of an oath and allegiance to one’s homeland.


The producer who interviewed me for DATELINE about Sergei Tretyakov told me today that I will NOT be on the program Sunday when it airs. The show is about the ten Russian illegals who were shipped back to Moscow and since I told DATELINE that Sergei Tretyakov was not responsible for tipping off the FBI about the case (read this post), I am ending up on the cutting room floor.

I guess I should have fudged.

Meanwhile if you want to read more about Sergei and his career check out these stories:

The New York Times

The Washington Post

There is also more information in my book, Comrade J. The piece of literature in which Sergei and I became friends as well as collaborators.