Fox Sports Commentator Rightly Criticized For Ignorant Statement About Dax Prescott’s Depression

Three minutes into the above video, Bayless says he has no sympathy for Prescott.

(9-12-20) Sports commentator Skip Bayless is continuing to come under fire for his ignorant and hurtful statement that Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Dak Prescott is “weak” because he revealed that he struggles with depression.

Bayless’s comment on Thursday’s  show “Undisputed” was immediately criticized.

As Nancy Armour noted in USA TODAY: “That Bayless made his comments on World Suicide Prevention Day, after Prescott said his brother Jace’s suicide contributed to his depression, was all the more cruel.”

Fox Sports immediately distanced itself from Bayless’s comments. Bayless reacted by claiming his comments had been “misconstrued” and opined that there is a difference between clinical depression  and being depressed during the pandemic. He didn’t apologize.

His comments were a hurtful reminder of why people who are struggling with depression are afraid to speak openly.

Athletes, especially NFL football players, can influence public opinion. Prescott should be commended for his openness, not condemned, just as former First Lady Michelle Obama should be praised for  recently disclosing that she has struggled with depression.

Bayless criticized the quarterback after he became emotional during an interview with Graham Bensinger on InDepth during which Prescott spoke about his brother’s suicide. (Interview below.)

It takes courage to speak out about depression. Those who criticize that honesty should apologize.

Here is the interview with Prescott.

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