BringChange2Mind Releases 2nd Stigma Fighting Ad

Jessie Close called to tell me that Bring Change 2 Mind has released a new public service announcement. Most of you know that BC2M is the stigma fighting non-profit organization launched by Jessie’s  sister, the six time Oscar nominee and acclaimed actress, Glenn Close, to help educate the public about mental illnesses.

This is the group’s second public service spot. The speaker who appears in it is Calen Pick, Jessie’s oldest son. Jessie can be seen sitting at a table behind Calen drinking coffee with Megan Pick, who is Calen’s wife.

Calen and Megan are an inspirational couple. Calen has schizophrenia and Megan has a traumatic brain injury that happened when a car that she was driving collided head on with a speeding semi-trailer truck. Glenn appears in the PSA too, of course, lending her considerable star power to it.

In addition to filming the PSA, Jessie, Glenn and Calen appeared last week on the Katie Couric show and will be on the Piers Morgan show on May 24th. Because I am helping Jessie write her memoir, I have been fortunate enough to spend time with Calen, Megan and Glenn. All of them are simply delightful individuals who are determined to help others by fighting stigma.

Thank you Jessie, Glenn, Calen and Megan for using your talents to speak out about mental illnesses!

What do you think of the PSA?

About the author:

Pete Earley is the bestselling author of such books as The Hot House and Crazy. When he is not spending time with his family, he tours the globe advocating for mental health reform.

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  1. enlightening! Taking us from the Hollywood stereo type where we are on the outside to Calen who brings us inside gives us a jolt of compassion. To often we judge from the outside what it is like for another on the inside. thank you Calen, Jessie, and Glen for inviting us in. love it!

  2. Pete, if it takes a celebrity to bring attention to mental illness rather than the stigma of “that guy is just nuts”…I say more power to them and Glen Close, playing on words here, “is” very “close” to this situation! I commend her for her efforts and willingness to speak out to the public! I pray that more people will be willing to listen and see rather than judge on lack of knowledge!
    May this bring many more that nudge to feel ready to step forward, to help, to talk, and mostly to act on behalf of those who don’t or can’t bring themselves to
    May God bless you greatly,
    Maribeth ( Mom and the boys “men” say hi )

  3. I think it is laudable what Glenn Close and her organization are attempting. The PSA will get the attention of a segment of our population.
    It may be less costly, and highly productive to ‘fight’ stigma by way of national community-wide dialogue groups. Free and open to the public, small groups can meet and discuss and learn about mental illnesses and engage with mental health professionals and those who would share their firsthand knowledge of. A straightforward curriculum delivered across the U.S. and offered to civic groups to voluntarily administer, would not cost much. Glenn’s message to ‘start talking’ would be put into action! Perhaps even NAMI, and other advocate groups would corroborate.
    This method has been successfully used to get information to the public on religious, racial, and health issues, ( AIDS).
    The best way to get people talking is present the topic well, serve a little coffee, and make it free and accessible!