Scheduled to be on NPR Tuesday

I am scheduled to be one of the guests being interviewed on Tuesday, January 11, at 10:00am EST on the Diane Rehm Show, which is broadcast on many NPR stations.

I will be discussing the shootings in Tuscon.

Diane will be accepting calls so if you have an opinion to voice, please call the show.

About the author:

Pete Earley is the bestselling author of such books as The Hot House and Crazy. When he is not spending time with his family, he tours the globe advocating for mental health reform.

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  1. Peterblood3213 says

    I caught the last half of the show. I had not heard of you before. During the show, you (I think it was you) cited some data showing that mental health treatment is cost effective. My wife is a social worker and director of an town-level agency. She has been unable to find such data. Could you elaborate on references which show spending on prevention is cost effective?

    • Brian Marcum says

      Community care and outpatient treatment is cheaper than jails and prisons.Plus,it is cheaper than emergency room visits which frequently happen with out community supportive care.

  2. Peterblood3213 says

    But do you have evidence to prove that?

    • Brian Marcum says

      How much does it cost to keep someone in jail for a year? At least 60 or 70 thousand per person

  3. Pete wrote a blog about budget cuts and cost effective programs. It is on his website and was posted on November 29th.

  4. I am the mother of a son who has Schizophrenia. In order for new and effective changes to be made to help the seriously mentally ill I think it will take every parent, sibling, relative, doctors, nurses and all involved to start a groundswell or firestorm demanding specific desperately changes. We need “State of the Art Brain Facilities” to help all who suffer brain illnesses.i.e. Epilepsy, Parkingtons, ADHD, Post Tramatic Stress, Alzheimers, Aspergers, Autism. This makes a lot of sense to me. We have many High Tech Facilities for other serious illnesses. My son became ill at 17 – now he is 52 and has many physical illnesses on top of his mental illness. I almost lost him on 1/6/11 with pheumonia

  5. We say that MI is an imbalance in the chemicals of the brain… Can we test for this???? Can this be used as a diagnostic tool?