New Website Changes and Updates

It was around this time last year that I helped my dad, Pete, launch this redesign of his site with the big addition of a blog. Since then, it has grown to become a great outlet for my dad to express himself and a source of knowledge and insight for others and I am happy about that. However, the website has been getting “old” in the fast times of the internet and it was time to implement some changes that went live last night/today:

Contact In, Feedback Out

Aesthetics wise, the website hasn’t changed much. Regular visitors will notice the absence of one thing, however, and that is the “Feedback” section which was a port of the Guestbook from Pete’s old, old site. With the implementation of the blog and its ability to allow users to comment, Pete decided that the Guestbook/Feedback was no longer a necessity.

Taking the place of “Feedback” is a much easier way to share thoughts with Pete via a contact form. Though readers are encouraged to comment on the blog – that way the community of blog visitors can benefit – a contact form is available for those who wish to contact Pete directly. It is easy to fill out the form: Simply input a name with an email address, select a topic, and it will send an email directly to Pete. Check it out by clicking on “Contact” at the bottom of the page.

“Like” Button

The other noticeable change on the site comes in the form of a Facebook “Like” button. I know many of the visitors to this website come through Facebook via Pete’s fan page (become a fan if you aren’t already!) and this feature was implemented with them in mind. The “Like” button will show on your Facebook page that you “liked” a certain blog post if you click on it within that post. While right now these buttons are only on the blog, I plan to scatter them throughout the rest of the site as well.

Streamlined Backend

By far the biggest change to this site is one that has taken place in the background, so to speak. I have upgraded the file system of the website to make it a more streamlined experience when exploring around. That means links are shorter and easier to understand. That also means, however, that links have changed. If you have bookmarked sections on this site, you may need to update them. If you have linked to this site within your own website or blog, you should update those links as well. I will be setting up the site in the next couple of days to compensate for the discrepancies, but for now there may be some “bad” links here and there.

Known Issues

Besides the links changing and possibly resulting in some issues, the only known issue is the way the bookstack within the “books” section of the site is displaying. I am working on a fix for it currently, but wanted to let everyone know in advance I am aware of the issue.


I work closely with my dad, Pete, to try and keep his site up-to-date and user friendly, but I don’t always think of everything. Are there any features that you would like to see here? Anything you don’t like that you think should change? Let me know in the comments and I will do my best to address them.

Thank you all for making the redesign of this site and the blog itself such a success!

– Evan


  1. looks good… keep up the good work! The “comment” form doesn’t seem to be working, says “too many messages sent from this account, please try again later”

  2. Keep up the good work, Evan !
    Sam (ICTV) Ormes in Miami.

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