A radio interview with Helen Tretyakov

Because there has been much speculation about Sergei Tretyakov’s death, I am posting this link to an interview with his wife, Helen.  Click here.

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Pete Earley is the bestselling author of such books as The Hot House and Crazy. When he is not spending time with his family, he tours the globe advocating for mental health reform.

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  1. We all feel very sorry for Sergei and his family. We still have a little hope that may be he went deep undercover after what happened and is still alive. But it is more of a wishful thinking then anything

    Those deported spies obviously were just a a small group out of hundreds thousands of ruski terrorists working in USA to undermine our democracy and way of life.

    Sergei' contribution to our security is priceless.

    It is a big loss for all of us that he will not be able any more to help our counterintelligence efforts

    Judging by the many past cases we can see that FBI, CIA , DHS , DIA are seriously infiltrated by ruski as well as State department, DOJ and even higher it goes

    So it is absolutely possible that some rat gave Sergei away to ruski who as we know so well can murder any target with a help of so many rats and spies they have here

    Once a Vietnamese refugee said to my friend: the problems of Vietnam can be solved only in one way: a rocket to moscow

    You may go shopping and almost kill yourself by overeating and entertainment pretending that it will never happen since TV told you that communism is dead

    But 40 000 of ruski nuclear warheads and 100s of thousands of ruski ANTRAX, PLAGUE and even more dreadful OTHER MEANS are not there just for fun and geopolitical positioning game:

    those mass murder weapons are an INVESTMENT of several generations of ruski gangsters in the amount of at least 100 trillion dollars and THEY will do everything to get a full return on it with interest, meaning:

    ruski and chinese comunists are planning to extgerminate ALL OF USA POPULATION and take over our land

    it is a fact. I had to study marxism in a mandatgory way in USSR, – they ARE PLANNING THIS.
    have no doubt they are.

    As soon as they will have it in clear: that USA will not be able to retaliate sufficiently: we are doomed here. Sufficient retaliation means: WE FIGURE THEIR REAL BOSSES(not the double clowns P and M) and take them out all at once. If uneducated American politicians think that ruski care about Russian population- WRONG. We may destroy 100% of population in Russia but if central committee can maintain their position in world domination- they are 100% OK with that.

  2. Thank you! Thank you for your kind words. It is so important to me.
    Helen Tretyakov, Sergei's widow

  3. my good friend Jeff Nyquist always wanted to interview Sergei,
    he wrote about Sergei many times in the past.

    After we learned what happened we were very much devastated and have been discussing this sad event since. Here is a short essay about Sergei that I took a liberty to put here as well hoping that it may bring some comfort to Sergei' family and friends and also help others to understand that Sergei in fact is a Hero :

    TRETYAKOV'S WARNING JR Nyquist 16 Jul 2010
    Spymaster, double agent and Russian defector Sergei Tretyakov reportedly died on June 13 of cardiac arrest. The story of Tretyakov's life may be read in Pete Earley's book, Comrade J. According to Earley, Tretyakov was the most important defector in many years, and his motive was to warn the American people about Russia. On Earley's official website we are told that Tretyakov “was fond of saying that the Cold War never ended.” The American people, however, are not fond of listening.

    It is frustrating to deal with this issue because the “end of the Cold War” is the undying myth of our time. We simply cannot abandon this myth, since our hopes and dreams are predicated upon it. America's last four presidents reiterated, again and again, that the Cold War was over. The news media uses the “end of the Cold War” as a standard line in stories related to Russia. It is convenient to believe what our presidents and our media have been saying. But it is flat wrong. “I want to warn Americans,” Tretyakov told Earley. “As a people, you are very naive about Russia and its intentions. You believe because the Soviet Union no longer exists, Russia is now your friend. It isn't, and I can show you how the SVR [formerly KGB] is trying to destroy the U.S. even today and even more than the KGB did during the Cold War.”

    Most Americans would like to set Tretyakov's warning aside. What does it mean to say that the Russian SVR is trying to destroy the United States? Surely this must be an exaggeration. But no, it is not an exaggeration. If you want to understand Russia's leaders, study the motives of the far Left. For a long time, the far Left has swallowed Russian lies and disinformation. They have come to believe that America is essentially a criminal enterprise. Logically, therefore, they sympathize with the erstwhile goals of the former Soviet Union. And those goals were never abandoned, according to Tretyakov.

    Of the important secrets that Tretyakov revealed, the most important was Russia's intentions. Spy satellites cannot reveal this. Only a double agent, from within the enemy's system, who works near the top, can reveal such a thing. You might suppose that anyone seeking to destroy America is insane, that nobody would do such a thing, that no government on earth strives to this end. But you would be mistaken to think this. Consider what a GRU defector, Col. Stanislav Lunev, said about Russia's top leadership:

    “These are not human beings. These are crazy persons.” And more recently, I should relate what former KGB Lt. Col. Victor Kalashnikov told me on Saturday: “The situation is now becoming more dangerous.” Consider the Russian military exercises near the Estonian and Finnish borders.”Estonians are quite keen to distinguish between rhetoric from Moscow and real actions,” he said. “The Estonian military has studied these exercises. They are of great extent, the greatest since the Soviet Union.”

    Russia is preparing to dominate Europe. “What is more interesting,” said Kalashnikov, “is the timing. Why now?” He pointed to the Persian Gulf situation, which is on the point of escalating. Iran will soon be able to mass produce nuclear warheads. Will the Americans launch a preemptive strike against Iran? Will the Iranians retaliate with terrorist attacks against major cities? You see, Russia is positioning itself to exploit the situation, militarily as well as economically. The Estonians, noted Kalashnikov, “see Russian power growing along the borders of NATO. They see that the West is quite slow to recognize the emerging realities.” And it is this slowness, this unwillingness, that leaves us so vulnerable in the weeks and months to come.

    America has been penetrated by Russian spies. The American mass media, politics, education and business have been “influenced” by Russian agents. There are those who are so damaged within themselves, that they seek the destruction of their own country. And so, the problem of confronting Russia's war preparations entails a larger problem. It is a problem we cannot deal with. It is the problem of a large and emotionally committed fifth column of deluded individuals. Poisonous ideas have wormed their way into our system, so that the enemy's ideology has become the catechism of the coming generation. Meanwhile, as Kalashnikov explained to me on Saturday: “The geostrategic situation in Europe will change quite soon if the appeasement policy is not changed.”

    Tretyakov tried to warn the American people, but the American people didn't want to hear. Somehow, despite the fact he was the subject of a best-selling book, Tretyakov's most important message was ignored by nearly everybody. The same happened with Alexander Litvinenko, who was assassinated in London four years ago after attempting to warn the British people that Vladimir Putin was behind the Islamic terrorism, that al Qaeda was led by Russian secret agents. With coverage on Litvinenko's death from major television news programs, not one program mentioned Litvinenko's warning. And now, with Tretyakov's death, not one television news program will mention his warning.

    So I am obligated to say something, because nobody else seems willing to step up: The Russian government seeks to destroy the United States and dominate Europe. If we want to honor the memory of Sergei Tretyakov, we need to honor his message.

  4. Victoria Spain says

    Thank you for the detailed warnings. I am sure you are right in all
    that you say, even though I no longer keep up with Russian politics
    (I have friends in Russia and for many years was involved with its
    libraries). For certain what you say is against the officials, not
    against ordinary Russian people.
    My studies have turned to intensive bible information and the
    bible prophecies, and “last days.” Russia is predicted to make
    moves similar to what you suggest. And is also predicted, few
    individuals worldwide will pay attention. As a result, I have turned from
    political interests to spiritual interests. But with my many years
    of Russian studies and friendships from my past, it is quite sad
    if what you say does come about.
    Thanks for sharing your insightful and truthful information.
    Victoria Spain

  5. putin indirectly admitted that his gangsters murdered Sergei
    he is trying to` take a credit` for Sergei's tragic death

    anyway this putin and the illegitimate regime in Russia could not stink more


    Путин рассказал, что будет с фигурантами “шпионского скандала”
    Премьер-министр РФ Владимир Путин сообщил, что встретился с депортированными из США россиянами, фигурантами “шпионского скандала”.
    На встрече с журналистами в Форосе в резиденции украинского президента, отвечая на вопрос, встречался ли он с разведчиками, Путин сказал: “Я с ними встречался… Мы говорили с ними о жизни”.
    На просьбу корреспондентов рассказать, действительно ли во время встречи он пел с ними песни в караоке: “Пели, но не в караоке, а под живую музыку, пели “С чего начинается Родина”.
    Путин также подтвердил, что среди разведчиков была и Анна Чапмен.
    “Здесь комментировать особенно нечего. Я сказал уже о том, что это результат предательства, а предатели всегда плохо кончают, они кончают, как правило, либо от пьянки, либо от наркотиков, под забором. Вот недавно один примерно так закончил свое существование. И непонятно, ради чего”, – приводит слова премьер-министра РИА “Новости”.
    Он также подтвердил, что знает всех предателей поименно.
    На вопрос, собирается ли он их наказывать, бывший кадровый разведчик сказал: “Это некорректный вопрос, он не решается в процессе пресс-конференции. Они живут по своим законам, и эти законы всем спецслужбам хорошо известны”.
    На вопрос, какова будет судьба разведчиков в дальнейшем, премьер отметил: “Уверен, что они будут работать на достойных местах, уверен, что у них будет интересная и яркая жизнь.
    “Судьба у этих людей (разведчиков) очень тяжелая, у каждого из них… Только представьте: во-первых, нужно освоить язык на уровне родного, думать, говорить на нем, выполнять то, что предписано заданием в интересах своей Родины в течение многих-многих лет, не рассчитывая на дипломатическое прикрытие, подвергая каждодневной опасности себя и своих близких, которые даже не знают о том, кем вы являетесь и на кого работаете”, – сказал председатель российского правительства.
    “Не моя задача оценивать их работу, это должны делать специалисты, их руководители и конечные потребители информации подобного рода, Верховный главнокомандующий – президент Российской Федерации”, – подчеркнул Путин.

  6. my pleasure , Victoria.

    Politics is just an extension of war. I strongly advice to all my female friends not to get engaged in this bloody ordeal: violence ruins your soul and we can not afford to let our wifes mothers and daughters to be damaged by this

    But for us, those who have to fight the enemy: there is no choice

    In my native Ukraine ruski bolsheviks exterminated 50% of population in 1917-1960.

    Only in 1932-33 sovetishe murderers genocided around 10 million of farmers

    Glenn Beck made a documentary which i advice to watch and learn: Revolutionary Holocaust it is called. Youtube has it in portions or google video search may help

    God Bless