In Book Review, Dr. E. Fuller Torrey Chastises Former NIMH Head Dr. Thomas Insel: His Blindspot Is Part Of Our Problem

(10-21-22) Dr. E. Fuller Torrey has been a long-time critic of the National Institute of Mental Health and in this review of former NIMH Director Thomas Insel’s recent book, Dr. Torrey chastises NIMH leaders for not funding clinical research that would evaluate the effectiveness of such programs as community clubhouses. Earlier this year, I posted a favorable review of  Healing: Our Path from Mental Illness to Mental Health . Dr. Torrey’s critical review appeared in Psychiatric Times. 

The Uphill Path to Mental Health: A Book Review By E. Fuller Torrey, MD.

In this review of Thomas Insel’s book, one doctor analyzes the uphill path from mental illness to mental health.
For example, he writes, on page 45: “Adherence to psychiatric medication is reported to be among the worst for all medications, probably below 50 percent.” As clinicians are aware, drug adverse effects and lack of efficacy are major reasons for this lack of compliance. That is why NIMH, until 2 decades ago, had a very active drug treatment trials program. However, this program was decimated under Dr Insel’s leadership.
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