Correction About Treatment Advocacy Center Spending, Plus NYAPRS $ Details

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(4-25-22) Dr. E. Fuller Torrey responded to my blog last week about CEO salaries and revenues at major mental health nonprofits.

“I was not paid $27,844 by the Treatment Advocacy Center (as reported). I have never taken any salary or been paid in any way from TAC.”

Lisa Dailey, TAC’s Executive Director, also wrote in an email that although the nonprofit’s most recent Form 990 was not listed on Guidestar, the internet reporting service which I used to analyze income, TAC’s most recent IRS reports are on its website.  

The nonprofit’s 2020 IRS form showed that it took in $2.5 million in gross revenues (contributions/income). TAC does not accept money from Big Pharma. It relies solely on contributions. NAMI and MHA accept pharmaceutical funds. TAC listed its overall worth (net assets after taxes and expenses) at $1.5 million. (Figures are rounded up.) This was an increase from 2019, when it reported net assets of $1 million.

I omitted a peer run organization in my list last week.

The New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Inc., which states its “purpose is to conduct advocacy training-education…to improve services and social conditions for people with psychiatric disabilities by advancing recovery and rehabilitation rights” listed $2.3 million in gross revenues in 2019. That was a decrease from 2018’s report of $3.1 million in receipts. When taxes and deductions were taken into account, NYAPRS also showed a decline from net assets of $272,388 to $121,624.

Its CEO, Harvey Rosenthal, was paid $156,181, according to its Form 990.

In 2020, NYAPRS received $266,578 in forgivable PPP loans. In 2021, it received another $233,824 in PPP loans that were forgiven.

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