Desperate Mother Pleads For Help In Florida: Mentally Ill Son Charged With Attempted Murder Using A Comb While in Hospital

To hear her video plea from Facebook, you must turn on the volume in the right corner facing you.

(3-7-18) I receive pleas for help every week from desperate parents, but few are as gut-wrenching as the email that I received from Tamara Lee, telling me about her son.


A SWAT team entered my son’s grandmother’s house in Port St. Lucie, Florida this week and executed a warrant for “Attempted Murder With A Weapon.”

This sounds horrific right? Truth be told, this nightmare began on Dec. 6 2017 “officially.” That’s when our family made the decision to call the police because my 21 year-old son’s mental health had deteriorated to a point that he was self harming himself.

Elliott was also trying to clean out the refrigerator to bury it in the back yard to use as a shelter so he could survive an upcoming purge. The police came. They saw he was in mental health crisis back then and took him to a hospital where he was sedated, admitted and shoved in a room with another mentally ill person.

Early in the hours of December 8, my son hurt the man in the room with him.

My son doesn’t even recall the incident he was blacked out.

From police records, we learned Elliott was found choking the man and there was a plastic comb involved somehow. The police arrested my son and charged him with Assault & Battery. After that, he tried to kill himself twice in jai. He beat his face till he blacked his eyes with his own fist and tried to hang himself.

We raised money and bailed him out on his 22nd birthday but instead of releasing him, the court sent him to a psychiatric facility and not home.

There he continued to harm himself and lost all rights to make decisions. At one point, he put a colored pencil against the wall and tried to impale his head on it via the temple. On that same day, the sheriffs department came into the hospital and informed him that the charge against him was being changed to attempted murder. He went back to jail. His new bond went to $100,000. He spent most of the next two months in a medical until because he kept trying to hang himself or hurt himself.

He was pepper sprayed by officers and put in a straight jacket. They put him on Haldol and it made his vision so blurry he couldn’t read postcards. We finally raised the money to bail him out and again he went to the psychiatric facility where he was officially diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenic.

His episode in December was his first psychosis.

He was released from that hospital on February 17 and was at home until today – March 3rd – when the SWAT Team ran into his grandmother’s house and arrested him on the attempted murder with a weapon charge.

A very ill and confused young man who needed help is now facing charges and I still can’t wrap my mind around.

He has NEVER seen a lawyer and he has been too ill to appear in court.

I share this with you…in hopes it can keep anyone else from ever experiencing this ever again. I live in WV with his little brothers who are in school. Here are blogs that I have written about him. His name is Elliott Longworth and he is a wonderful young man who just happens to be sick.

About the author:

Pete Earley is the bestselling author of such books as The Hot House and Crazy. When he is not spending time with his family, he tours the globe advocating for mental health reform.

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