Speaking At Manhattan Think Tank About Mental Health: New Novel Hits Bestseller List!

(10-27-17) I am honored to be speaking this morning at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, a New York think tank, along with Dr. Eleanor McCance-Katz, the Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Abuse at HHS, and D. J. Jaffe, founder of Mental Illness Policy Org and author of INSANE CONSEQUENCES: How the Mental Health Industry Fails The Mentally Ill.

Obviously, we will discussing the federal government’s role in developing much needed mental health reforms. While not open to the public, the program will be taped by C-Span for later showing.  

I understand that nearly everyone who reads my blog does so because it is about mental illness and our struggle to improve our system and the lives of those we love.

Just the same, I’m an author. It is how I earn my living so I want to share some exciting news with you. My newest novel, VENGEANCE, co-written with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, was released October 10th and this week it appeared on USA TODAY’s bestseller list.

VENGEANCE is the third and final installment in our Brooke Grant series, a trilogy that describes the exploits of a U.S. Marine fighting terrorism. Although Speaker Gingrich certainly is known for his political actions and conservative views, our novels are not written to advance any political agenda. They simply are action/thrillers with a Washington touch.

Our first book, DUPLICITY, introduced Brooke Grant to readers when a master terrorist known only as The Falcon orchestrated an attack on a newly opened U.S. Embassy in Somalia. TREASON, the second volume, centered on the kidnapping of Brooke’s teenage ward by terrorists and the unmasking of a traitor working inside the White House helping The Falcon. It was a Washington Post bestseller. In our final volume, VENGEANCE, The Falcon obtains a nuclear device with the help of North Korea and targets America. We attempt to make each book as realistic and factual as possible, blending news events with drama.

In this final fictional account, Brooke Grant comes face-to-face with the Falcon who has pledged to murder her and everyone whom she loves. I believe it is the best of the three because subtly raises moral questions about revenge, justice, and different religious teachings that rationalize and justify the killing of an enemy.

Our book opens with a jihadist driving a truck bomb through the nation’s capital city en route to Grant’s wedding, which the U.S. President happens to be attending.  I hope you find VENGEANCE entertaining.

I’ll be posting a new mental health blog next week.

From Vengeance:

Nine-millimeter rounds shattered the truck’s glass side windows. Basra was struck twice in his left leg but he managed to keep his right foot pressed against the accelerator.

The second Secret Service agent ran adjacent to the truck, firing his submachine gun. Another slug hit Basra’s left shoulder, rendering it useless.

As if from nowhere, a black armored SUV appeared midway down the street, flying from its hiding place inside a parking garage. It slammed into Basra’s truck, knocking the rental sideways and bringing it to a halt.

With his good right hand, a critically wounded Basra mumbled a final Allahu Akbar and punched a button attached to the steering wheel, ending an electrical jolt to a detonator.

A blinding white light was followed by a deafening boom and shock wave.

The devastation was immediate and cataclysmic.


About the author:

Pete Earley is the bestselling author of such books as The Hot House and Crazy. When he is not spending time with his family, he tours the globe advocating for mental health reform.

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