TREASON Sells Out Within 48 Hours On Amazon: Novel About Domestic Terrorism Has Ripped From Headlines Feel


(10-18-16) Within two days of going on sale, my new, co-authored novel, TREASON, sold out at Amazon. Before that major bookseller exhausted its supply, we were on spot 26 of the bestseller list.

Even though Amazon is out of stock, TREASON is still taking orders during this frustrating time as the publisher hurries back to the printer.

I will be announcing the winner of my share-the-blog-and-win-a-free-copy contest in a few days.  You can still enter by sharing this blog with your friends.

Meanwhile, here is what readers are posting on Amazon about TREASON:

My FAVORITE quote from the entire book is from Major Brooke Grant’s (one of the main characters of the book) Aunt:
“It isn’t the devil, Brooke, it’s called free will. God gives you a choice because He knows true love can only happen when someone chooses to love someone else, and that includes us loving Him. If God sent down that lightning bolt, you wouldn’t love Him because of who He is. You’d love Him because you were afraid of Him and that’s no love, that’s fear and intimidation.”
After personally questioning God for MANY YEARS concerning which power (God or satan) controls events in life and whether prayer affects the outcome, I received confirmation from this explanation of how we are to love God unconditionally, no matter the outcome.
To summarize, OFTEN times I get bored with a book mid-way and never finish it. That did NOT HAPPEN with this book! I couldn’t wait to pick it up where I left off every time I had a minute to read! I highly recommend this book!

This book mirrors the real world to a chilling degree. Keeps the reader glued to the story.

I recently read Duplicity and enjoyed it immensely. Was very eager for Treason to come out. It was well worth the wait. Both books were fantastic and I loved the characters. I hope the third book is coming out soon. Excellent books!
Great sequel to previous novel. Very entertaining and suspenseful, I sure would like to meet  (main characters) Brooke and the Chief to buy them a drink!
 To summarize the novel’s dynamic in a nutshell, “Treason” reminds one of the opening narrative of each episode of “Dragnet,” the T.V. series in the 50’s starring Jack Webb, “Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.” Could it be?
 Of course, there are a few negative reviews too, but I will let you search for those on your own!
Thanks for your support and happy reading!
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Pete Earley is the bestselling author of such books as The Hot House and Crazy. When he is not spending time with his family, he tours the globe advocating for mental health reform.

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