CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE (The Death Penalty Case Featured in Bestseller JUST MERCY), CRAZY, RESILIENCE Ready For Your Stockings



Bryan Stevenson’s number one bestselling book, JUST MERCY, describes his heroic efforts to free Johnny D. McMillian from Alabama’s death row. That case is the subject of my book, CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, which first spotlighted Bryan’s successful campaign in 1996. My book won both a Robert F. Kennedy award and Mystery Writers of America’s prestigious Edgar.

Buy both as holiday gifts to get all of the details about how Bryan saved an innocent man’s life.

Here’s a recap of what books are available as gifts.

An audio sample of Duplicity, my newest novel.

Sent to inspect a Pakistan prison for human rights violations, NGO Attorney Christopher King encounters a bribe-seeking warden and becomes entrapped in a Taliban attack in this short audio snippet from DUPLICITY, my new action/suspense novel co-authored with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.


Duplicity by Newt Gingrich and Pete Earley CoverMy newest, DUPLICITY is the first in a two-book series that Speaker Gingrich and I are writing that features two heroic Marines  — Capt. Brooke Grant, a African American military attache, and Sgt. Walks Many Miles, a Crow Indian embassy guard, in a battle against The Falcon, a charismatic terrorist forging an alliance between radical jihadist factions in Africa. It’s been described as a House of Cards and Jason Bourne thriller.


Resilience Book CoverIf you prefer non-fiction, consider RESILIENCE: TWO SISTERS AND A STORY OF MENTAL ILLNESS, the autobiography that I helped Jessie Close write about her recovery from mental illness and addictions. Jessie speaks frankly about her bipolar disorder, suicide attempts, failed marriages and the resilience that eventually led to her healing and recovery in this lively, witty and poignant book that includes vignettes by her famous actress sister, Glenn Close.


CRAZY by Pete EarleyYou can delve deeper into mental health issues in CRAZY: A FATHER’S SEARCH THROUGH AMERICA’S MENTAL HEALTH MADNESS, the nonfiction account of my son’s illness, his arrest and my investigation into the inappropriate jailing of persons with mental illnesses in our jails and prisons. One of two finalists for the 2007 Pulitzer Prize, CRAZY (which refers to our mental health system, not individuals with mental illnesses) explains how jails and prisons have become our asylums in shocking details that, unfortunately, still can be found in many jails and prisons in our nation. It helped sound a call for action across the nation and led to me becoming an advocate for reform.

The Hot House

The Hot House by Pete EarleySpeaking of jails and prisons, THE HOT HOUSE: LIFE INSIDE LEAVENWORTH PRISON, my eyewitness account of everyday life inside a maximum security federal prison continues to be my best selling book. Described as a “white knuckle tour of hell” by Kirkus Reviews, it shines a spotlight into a troubled world few ever see.

“We haven’t read a book as powerful as The Hot House in a long time…Earley, the first reporter ever to be given free access to Leavenworth, does more than capture what it’s like to live behind bars. In re-recreating a world governed by codes of conduct that fly in the face of accepted behavior and morality, Earley sheds surprising light on our own.”  Book-of-the-Month-Club

Circumstantial Evidence

Circumstantial Evidence by Pete EarleyAnd if you are still searching, check out, CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE: DEATH, LIFE AND JUSTICE IN A SOUTHERN TOWN. It describes the wrongful conviction of Johnny D. McMillian, a black man in Monroeville, Alabama, for the killing of a white teenage girl. Monroeville was the inspiration for Harper Lee’s fictional masterpiece, To Kill A Mockingbird, and my book has attracted new attention because of the recent release of JUST MERCY, a powerful account written by Bryan Stevenson, that highlights the Monroeville case. Stevenson is the brilliant and tireless attorney who freed McMillian from death row.

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Pete Earley is the bestselling author of such books as The Hot House and Crazy. When he is not spending time with his family, he tours the globe advocating for mental health reform.

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