Encore Performance of THIS IS MY BRAVE: Two Women Who Are Making A Difference

I talk all of the time about how one or two persons can make a difference in their communities.  That’s why  I wrote several blogs last year about THIS IS MY BRAVE, a Virginia non-profit organization founded Jennifer Marshall and Ann Marie Ames.

A popular blogger (www.bipolarmomlife.com), Jennifer joined forces with Anne Marie last year and raised more than $10,000 in 31 days on Kickstarter to finance a professional quality stage show that featured performers talking about their mental disorders and recovery.

A sold out crowd of more than 400 attended the group’s debut performance. The show received considerable media attention. Encouraged by their success, Jennifer and Anne Marie, kept going.

A second performance of THIS IS MY BRAVE will be performed Sunday, October 26th, at 3:30 p.m. at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, Virginia, a Washington D.C. suburb. Jennifer and Anne Marie also have launched another Internet fund raiser, this time on Indiegogo to raise $15,550, which they will use to stage THIS IS MY BRAVE performances in Washington D.C., Boston, and Iowa City.

I will be attending Sunday’s show in Ashburn where my son, Kevin (Mike in my book) will be performing a rap song about his mental illness. Please tell your friends about this show!

I receive mail each week from people who want to help fix our mental health system. Supporting THIS IS MY BRAVE financially or by auditioning for it is an excellent way to do that.

Jennifer and Anne Marie are outstanding examples of individuals who put their words into action. Congratulations to both for their determination in giving a voice to those seldom heard!

About the author:

Pete Earley is the bestselling author of such books as The Hot House and Crazy. When he is not spending time with his family, he tours the globe advocating for mental health reform.

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