Mother Repeatedly Tries To Get Her Psychotic Son Help: Instead He Beats Her And Is Arrested – TWICE!


(2-6-17) Jennifer V.R. Tirkot asked me to tell her story, which she has fully documented and posted independently. It is not only a sad one but an example of the revolving door that many persons with serious mental illnesses find themselves stuck in, giving them only help when they become violent and then only enough help to guarantee that they will fail.

My son used to plead with me to kill him.

When his voices first arrived they were horrific, relentless and he couldn’t focus on anything but his voices.

There were God, Jesus, Lucifer, a female devil, Stuart, Eve, Esther, and Michael the Angel. They would torture him every waking minute. After his six suicide attempts, he made peace with all them- even Lucifer.  He even married Eve from Adam & Eve.  

I used to call for wellness checks when the voices would give him tests to perform, such as lay in his bed and not move until he was soaked in urine.  His voices would give him tests and he had to perform them. For one month, the test was trying not to breath.  John was only 19 and a NYC model when the Devil appeared and told him to hang himself.  

My son was arrested, yesterday, December 22, 2016 for assaulting me. 

I’ve been fighting to get him serious mental health treatment for two months before he attacked me. His eyes went black and he thought in his mind that he was trying to save me.  All I had asked him to do was take his pill for his bipolar. My son has no insight into his illness.

This is not the first time my son has been violent, but rather than wanting to help him, the state of Florida  keeps locking him up, charging him with more and more crimes, and then returning him to me sicker than he was. They lock him in solitary confinement in jails/prisons and allow him to refuse medication/treatment. They tell me there is nothing they can do.

But what if he was their son?

The first time he was arrested, it was for hitting a police officer and EMT worker. They were Baker Acting (involuntarily committing) him for his psychosis when he hit them. They transferred him to jail and locked him away in solitary confinement for 10 months.

No one would listen to me when I tried to explain that it was his illness. My son spent last Christmas and this Christmas in solitary confinement for having a brain disorder.  Missing my son with incredible ache in my heart and tears that never end.  He’s not allowed to call or video chat with his mother.  

Yet, I’m the only person who has never given up on him.

He doesn’t understand that he did something wrong.  

The psychiatric unit won’t give him a release to sign for me to speak with them. They told me, my child has to ask for a release of information. I haven’t heard one word since December 22, 2016 on how my child is doing.

He’s been told if he calls me that he will get in trouble.  I want to drop charges, but if I do he will be released and care won’t be provided for him.  So, he sits in a jail cell without me reassuring him that I love him.  

I’ve been informing the judge, State Attorney, jail psychiatric unit, public defender they better work quickly and order a psychiatric evaluation and not wait until January 23, 2017 for his first hearing.  You see it takes 30 days after you request a psychiatric evaluation for the psychiatrist to fit it into their schedule. I’m the one who has to push them to do this.

I’m the one trying to get my child  transferred from jail to a state psychiatric unit for care.  The pain, confusion and suffering they are committing unto my child and myself should be outlawed.

I have kept all of the documentation and a time line. I have recordings of my son speaking to me when he is psychotic, of him threatening me. I have made these recordings because if I simply told my story to the public without this documentation, no one would believe this can happen in America. But it is. It is happening to my son.

You want to hear the voice of someone with paranoia? You want to hear the voice of someone who believes the Devil is telling him what to do?

You can read my documentation and listen to his voice here.

I hope my son will forgive me for sharing our story. But I want the public to know what is happening and sharing our story may be the only way to get him the care, that he, of all the kind souls, deserves.

(John’s hearing comes but he is not sent to a state hospital and remains in jail for another hearing in February.)

The State of Florida has failed us once again! The definition of sin in the New Testament is if we know what good to do and do not do it that is sin.

Is anyone listening?


Jennifer V.R. Tirkot

Some highlights from Ms. Tirkot’s notes and letters which can be viewed here.

Fighting the bureaucracy:

On September 20, 2016, the (treatment hospital) psychiatrist took my son off his bi weekly injectable because he became suicidal.  The insurance company didn’t approve the new medication for 4 weeks.  The psychiatrist didn’t answer the insurance company requests for clarification of the $2000 per month medication.  The pharmacist sent over 8 requests.  After threatening to sue (the hospital), I contacted their pharmacist and pleaded with him to help me.  By the time they approved it.  John had become ill again.

I was told on November 17, 2016 that they were discussing releasing him.  So, I ran to the store and faxed over documents that showed, without a shadow of a doubt, that releasing him would put me in danger. Against my advice, they released him even after telling me they received my fax. That same day they gave him bus money home.

The next day, my son severely beats me over my taking a cigarette out of a pack that was laying on his bed. He kept saying “Thou shall not steal”.

I risked dying from 7 contusions to my head, one 4″ black bruise to the back of my neck, 2 green bruises,  a welt on my forehead and 6 defensive bruises on my arms.  I didn’t file I report nor go to the hospital because I knew they would have him arrested and it was my goal to get him psychiatric treatment.  My 911 call screaming he was killing me landed my child in the psychiatric unit because I refused to press charges.

Fourteen days later, I had a conversation with my son and he was clearly psychotic. Moments later, I received a call from my son’s social worker, telling me my son was doing fine and was ready to be released. So, I played the recording of my son’s conversation recorded only ten minutes’ prior –where he threatened violence towards me the next time I break a commandment.

They kept him another 6 days. I received a call from the social work who threatened me with placing John in jail if I didn’t take him home.

Isn’t it unbelievable?!

Two weeks later, I had my son Baker Acted again after fleeing from my home in a police car. Two days later, without any notification, I received a knock on my door around 5:00.

My son was released by his psychiatrist.  They gave him money for the bus ride home.  John lost his bus pass for the last transfer home.  He walked 3.3 miles home.

The following morning, at 6:35 a.m., I run out of the house in fear of my life.  My son calls the police at 6:40 a.m. and reports me missing.  I beg the police to Baker Act him and then leave. It’s Saturday so I can’t file an Ex Parte.  I have to wait until Monday.

Before I can get him hospitalized, he attacks me and is arrested on a battery charge.


 I was told at his January hearing that the State Attorney wanted to up the charge from a misdemeanor to a felony. So, I politely asked the judge to speak. I spoke for 10 minutes and told him our story — That it wasn’t my son’s fault for I had tried 12 wellness checks and 3 Baker Acts in a 42-day period.

They kept releasing him even with all of the information and evidence I showed them. I said this is not my son’s fault that the State failed him and me. I asked the judge for amended order to be able to speak to my son. He instructed the public defender to submit the motion. The State Attorney said he did not approve it and the judge ignored him. So, we are going back to court in February.

John looked well in court.

I told him that I love him.


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Pete Earley is the bestselling author of such books as The Hot House and Crazy. When he is not spending time with his family, he tours the globe advocating for mental health reform.

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